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6th Grade Pictures

B-I-N-G-O at Copperleaf Assisted Living

Miss Hilts, science teacher, had 6th graders building simple machines.

Sixth graders had an awesome time at Rock Ridge Orchard and enjoyed picking their own bag of apples. Thank you, Dan and Julie Knetter for the hay ride, your hospitality and most especially the delicious and juicy apples.

Miss Larsen and the sixth graders made bowls for the Empty Bowl Project. The bowls will be used for a soup supper and will be a reminder of those whose bowls are empty.

The 6th Grade Social Studies Class created an Egyptian Museum for parents and grandparents to view.  The students created various artifacts including pyramids, mummies, hieroglyphics and much more.  (Lynelle Cichon, Social Studies Teacher)

Words. Words? Words! That is what sixth grade is about. We work with words as we learn how to spell them, read them more proficiently, write them creatively and speak them to inform others. We explore the inspired words of Sacred Scripture as we study the Old Testament and God's plan for His people.

Sixth grade is an adventure with our creativity. We will explore literature as we build the foundation of reading and writing. Not only do we read and discuss various literary genres, we also share our own writing talents through stories and poems. We polish our speaking abilities as we prepare for various roles in liturgy and as we participate in forensics for the first time. We experiment with different art techniques to create our own "masterpieces." We also strive to share our faith and our creativity with senior citizens in the surrounding area as we visit and correspond with them.

6th Math - Students learn to work with factions and decimals as well integers. They continue to develop their knowledge of displaying data with different types of graphs. In sixth grade students are introduced to algebra concepts such as inverse operations and variables.

6th Social Studies - Students study prehistoric to ancient times, including ancient Egypt, China, Greece and Rome, through the Middle Ages. Highlights include students creating an Egyptian museum, learning about Greek Mythology and world religions. Classes include hands-on learning activities and projects as well as traditional assessments.

Weekly Schedule

Deborah Larsen Sixth Grade

After graduating from UW-River Falls, I taught high school English classes in a small northern Minnesota town. On December 1, 1976, I began teaching sixth grade at St. Mary's. The following year the principal created a junior high division that included grades six through eight.

That configuration has changed from year to year, but I have always taught English classes within the junior high unit. I am the director of the forensics program, which involves students in grades six, seven, and eight.

Currently I have a sixth grade homeroom. As part of the sixth grade curriculum we try to do a variety of outreach programs with senior citizens in the area. The experience is an exciting and rewarding activity for the students and the senior citizens with whom we work.

One of the best things about having been at St. Mary's for so many years is visiting with former students and learning of their successes. The greatest honor is that so many have "come home" and trusted us with their children's education.

When not in the classroom I enjoy visiting with friends and family in the western part of the state. I am co-owner of a farm near Hudson, Wisconsin, and I enjoy spending time there in the summer.

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Deborah Larsen
Sixth Grade