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5th Grade Pictures

Newman Track Meet Grades 4 & 5: We are fortunate to be invited to the Newman Track Meet held for 4th and 5th graders. Besides being outside and out of the classroom, the students were able to showcase their running, throwing and hurdling skills. Thank you to Newman Grade School for the invitation.

CWES: Students from UW-Stevens Point run the camp CWES (Central Wisconsin Environmental Station) teaching students about the environment as well as teaching them communication and team building skills. Our 5th and 8th graders had an amazing time learning, exploring, playing games, solving problems and building a campfire. We are grateful to the students from UWSP and to Home and School for providing this wonderful opportunity. (Pictures Grade 5) (Pictures Grade 8)

Justin Loew:
Meterologist, Justin Loew enlightened our 5th graders about forecasting the weather. He had their undivided attention as he demonstrated high and low pressure.

Rock Ridge Orchard is a great place to spend a fall afternoon. Thank you, Dan and Julie Knetter for educating us about the apple industry.

The fifth graders had a beautiful day to release their butterflies. Thanks to Bob, Traci and Wesley Schumacher of Schumacher's Family Tree Nursery for bringing in the chrysalis' so we could watch the beautiful Monarch butterflies emerge. (Butterflies)

Water Specialist, Andrew Aslesen shares his knowledge with the fourth and fifth graders.

Fifth Grade is a busy place for a lot of reasons, most importantly, God! Fifth Graders study the seven sacraments, the liturgical year, and help prepare, read and lead at school Masses. Science class includes environmental education which takes us to CWES (Central Wisconsin Environmental Station) on an overnight trip. This is the year students can join band and grow more in their love for reading as we have an Accelerated Reader program (AR) and a great library full of good books to read. Plus we love visiting with Mrs. Wilichowski, our librarian.

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Hollie Mader

Hello, my name is Mrs. Hollie Mader.  I grew up in Marathon, WI.  Both my husband, Justin, and I are graduates of St. Mary's School and Marathon High School.  Justin and I have four daughters, Ella, Kiley, Olivia and Brynne who keep us busy! All four of our daughters attend St. Mary’s School. I began my college experience at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and then transferred to the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, where I completed my Bachelor of Science Degree.

I feel it's important to never stop learning and I'm excited to continue the tradition of a great Catholic education with my students!

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Hollie Mader

Fifth Grade