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1st Grade Pictures

See our Parade of Saints from the First Grade class.

Kindergarten and First Grade celebrated the 100th Day of School in style. (Check it out.)

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1st grade is a huge year for your child. Having an inclusive classroom is what makes our room special. We are very grateful to have Gym, Music, Computer and Library, but it is great to have the rest of our classes together. We work very hard on learning to read in 1st grade. We have a ton of new skills that we are introduced to that help us to become better readers. We love to incorporate any art we can with our literacy. Ready Freddy seems to be the most loved reading series for story time. Late in our 1st grade year, we are able to start Accelerated Reading. This is where you read a book and can take a test for points to see how well we understood the book. This is a very exciting time for us. Math is a time for us to be dipped into a variety of math skills. Money and time seem to be the most difficult but with lots of practice, we are able to demonstrate the tasks of telling time and counting money! We continue to work on basic math skills. The biggest being how to add and subtract! We do a lot of unit work for our science and social studies. We make lots of books on the topics we cover. This seems to be the most interesting because we have lots of books on science topics that the children can read during their free time! My collection grows each year to meet the needs and interests of my students.

At the start of our 2nd semester, we start something called "Writer's Journal." This is a journal that the kids write in almost every day. We start with a topic and then the children finish it and then draw an illustration to go with it. We are working on the concept of being an author! In order to be a good writer there are skills you need. The first being good penmanship. We work very hard on the Zaner Bloser method…lots of circles and sticks! The second skill we need is creating good sentences. Starting our sentences with capital letters and ending with the correct punctuation. This is a concept we work on all year!!! We are blessed to be able to take part a few times a year by planning the Mass so that we can do the readings, sing, take up the offertory gifts, etc. The most exciting Mass we partake in is our All Saints' Day Mass where we learn about our favorite saint and dress up like them. Learning about God every day allows us to put him first in our daily thoughts, words and actions. We are blessed to be able to have the chance to be with Him in every subject we learn about.

Even with all of the many exciting things that happen during our daily schedule, we have many fun events plugged in like a visit to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Each year we've participated in the Bunny Hop that provides donated items from our school families to fill baskets for children in the hospital or in need of some Easter joy. We are able to have 2 weeks of swimming lessons at no cost to your child. We celebrate the 100th day of school. We also plan a fun-filled track and field afternoon closer to the end of the year.

As you can see, 1st grade is a busy year will all of the academics and "extras" not listed above. I truly believe that 1st grade is a magical year and is one of your child's most fulfilling years with all that they will learn.

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Valerie Kind First Grade

Hello, My Name is Mrs. Valerie Kind

I grew up in Greenwood, WI on a farm. I loved growing up on the farm because there were so many adventures to be had with my brothers, sister and my many cousins that lived right up and down the road from us. I attended UWEC earning my BS. I love the opportunity to take classes to help me better understand the needs of my students. I love spending time with my family…Keith my husband, Danielle, Emily and Amanda. We have lived in Marathon for many years. We are very busy following our girls in their academics and sporting events. I love being a teacher because I learn more and more about myself and my students every day. Teaching 1st grade is the most rewarding job ever. It is truly a job that you live every day, all day. To see the growth in these children is simply amazing and a piece of heaven. It is the adventure where my students begin to become lifelong learners.

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Valerie Kind
First Grade