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Weekend Mass schedule:

  • Saturday at 4:00 PM
  • Sunday at 8:00 and 10:00 AM

CALENDAR AT A GLANCE: Calendar for 2022-2023 School Year                            
Friday, May 26th: 8th Grade Class Trip (9:00A.M.-4:00P.M.)
                              4K-1st Grades to Jo Jo’s Jungle (9:00A.M.-12:30P.M.); Field Day 1:00 PM
Memorial Day Weekend: No School, Monday, May 29th
Tuesday, May 30th: 2nd and 3rd Grade Track Meet at St. Mary’s (1:30P.M.)
                                  8th Grade Graduation Mass and Social (6:30P.M.)
Wednesday, May 31st: 7th Grade to Camp Forest Springs (7:30A.M.-2:30P.M.)
Thursday, June 1st: St. Mary’s 5K Graduation (1:00P.M. Gym)
Friday, June 2nd: 5th-7th Grade Service Projects/4K-7th Grade Ice Cream/Pizza Treat (lunch recess) Meat Sale Awards (12:50P.M.)/Movie (3rd Grade Swimming)
Monday, June 5th: Final Day of School/4th Quarter Wrap Up/Talent Show/Kickball Rally
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  • 4th Grade to Madison: The 4th graders always look forward to their trip to Madison to visit the Historical Museum and the Capitol. This year they also went to The Milton House, which was part of the Underground Railroad. After learning about Wisconsin History it is great to actually be able to see these places in person.

  • Heritage Hill: Second and third graders spent the day in Green Bay at Heritage Hill. When they returned they were pretty excited about this education and awesome field trip!

  • Trees Into Cartons: Eric and Amanda Bohn gave a presentation of Trees into Cartons, teaching students about the renewability and sustainability of paper and paperboard packaging. We thank them for sharing their time and knowledge.

  • Chemistry: Mr. Fredrickson and his chemistry class came to St. Mary's to entertain the students with some chemistry fun!

  • Track Meet - Grades 4 & 5: Thank you to the Newman Cardinals for the invitation to their track meet. Click on the link for many pictures of the day.

  • Fridays with Friends (Honesty): With Honesty as our virtue this month, the 4K and second grade Friday Friends listened to the classic story of Pinocchio - a story that teaches children about lying. In the story, Pinocchio's nose grows longer every time he tells a lie, which is a powerful visual of the consequences of dishonesty. Students were reminded that when they lie, the situation can grow and worsen - telling the truth is always the best policy and taking responsibility for our actions is an essential part of growing up.

  • Rockets: 5th and 6th graders made rockets in Science.They launched them to see how far they can fly. They have become Artemis rocket engineers.

  • 5K Flower Planting: Mary Ann Lemmer, along with Pamela Thomsen of Better Life Association, planted marigolds with the Kindergarten students.  The flowers were provided by Jerry Standiford, a local gardener.  His plants are all started from seed or cuttings.  Jerry is the master gardener for the Rib Mountaineers 4H group.  He is the Superintendent of flowers, houseplants, and gardening for the Marathon County Fair.  He is a state certified judge at 8 fairs around Wisconsin. 

  • May Crowning: May is the month of Mary, our Mother. Second graders wear their First Holy Communion outfits and sing their special song, "All in All" and eighth graders crown Mary with flowers as a way to honor her.

  • Junior Achievement: The second grade class had so much fun with Mrs. Sessions leading the Junior Achievement program last week! Through a week of hands-on learning, students learned about the importance of communities and how each of them can contribute to a community’s success. The second graders explored careers, made paper donuts to earn (play) money, paid taxes, and voted to make an important community decision. Thank you to Mrs. Sessions and the Junior Achievement program for this wonderful learning opportunity!

  • Fridays with Friends: 4K and 2nd grade friends made May baskets.  May baskets are a fun and creative way for students to celebrate the arrival of spring and to show their appreciation for the special people in their lives.  The baskets were anonymously left in the staff mailboxes as a May Day surprise. In celebration of May, the Friday friends also got together and helped paper flowers bloom!  Through this experiment, students experienced how osmosis works.  As the paper flowers absorbed the water, the water molecules moved into the cells of the paper, causing them to expands and BLOOM!

  • CWES: Fifth and eighth graders took an overnight field trip to CWES (Central Wisconsin Environmental Station). The majority of their time was spent in the outdoors exploring, working on team building skills, playing games and learning how to build a fire using flint to start their campfires. It was an adventuresome and awesome learning experience. Thank you to the students of UWSP and CWES for providing this great opportunity.

  • First Holy Communion: Mrs. Hahn has been preparing the second grade students of St. Mary's School for the biggest day of their life to this point...First Holy Communion. Although it was very gloomy outside their hearts were bright and cheerful with the thought of receiving our Lord for the very first time in the fullness of His Body and Blood. Please click on the link to see the beautiful pictures
    and highlights from their special day. May they always cherish the gift of the Eucharist.

  • Fridays with Friends (Responsibility): Friday friends switched roles and talked about responsibility as we changed to a new month and begin to look forward to new responsibilities.  After a short discussion of what responsibility means and ways we can be responsible we listened to the story Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff, by Stacy Bauer.  We talked about no matter how much fun we have we still have to be responsible and clean up after. With that being said, we headed to the cafeteria for what was probably the most fun science experiment we have had all year.  Kids were shown how to drive matchbox cars through bubbles!  They showed great responsibility by following directions! Check out these bubbles (and smiles!)

  • Space Exploration: 5K students wrapped up their unit on Space Exploration by making space shuttle kites. Check it out!

  • Knights of Columbus Free Throw Regional Competition: St. Mary’s had three students who participated in the
    Regional Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest held at Marshfield Columbus High School:  Velda Mechelke, Anya  Jacobson, and Katie Riehle. Velda placed 2nd in the 14 year old girl’s category and moves on to state competition April 22. Katie placed 3rd in the 9 year old girl’s category. Congratulations to all three and good luck at the state contest, Velda!

  • Badminton Tournament: St. Mary’s Badminton Tournament brought together students and a few family members.  Two member teams competed in two divisions, recreational and competitive.  The winners for the competitive division were Brayson Schneider and Koltyn Stevens and the winners for the recreational division were Katie and Ray Riehle. Brayson and Koltyn chose New Life Pet Adoption Center, and Katie and Ray chose Hope Life Center to donate to. Each organization will receive $150.

  • Penguin Olympics: 4K - 1st graders had a fun afternoon with the Penguin Olympics. Click on the link to see some of the fun.

  • Leprechaun Traps: One of the favorite March activities for second grade students is making leprechaun traps. These traps are made from a variety of materials such as cardboard boxes, shoeboxes, and cereal boxes - and are decorated with glitter, jewels, popsicle sticks, stickers, coins, shamrocks, and other colorful and shiny items. The activity of making traps can help students develop their problem-solving, engineering, and creative skills. Leprechaun trap making also teaches patience, fosters teamwork, and is a fun way to celebrate the festive spirit of St. Patrick's Day!

  • Fridays with Friends: The Friday Friends were at it again! After watching the story of St. Patrick, students discussed how St. Patrick was a champion of justice - our virtue this month.  Click on the link to see their fun.

  • Where do you see the Holy Face of Jesus? A big thank you to Ms. Julie Daul for helping the second grade students create an art project that focused on the Holy Face of Jesus - it was a meaningful and challenging endeavor. To begin, students reflected on the many different art pieces loaned to the classroom by Ms. Daul. Each piece also included a prayer or piece of scripture to reflect on. Doing this provided students with inspiration and ideas for their own interpretation. Students prayed and sketched their thoughts and ideas throughout the week before. Many students included symbolic elements in their sketches that represent different aspects of Jesus's life and teachings. We learned that some of us see the Holy face of Jesus at Mass, at Adoration, in the woods, in the faces of loved ones, in the Saints, in the sky… With the guidance and encouragement of Ms. Daul, students then painted their project ideas onto canvas and created a very special keepsake.

  • Volcanoes: Fifth and sixth grade students have been studing volcanoes and earthquakes. Students took their skills to the test and created snow volcanoes while 4K - 2nd grade students got to enjoy the show!

  • Dino Week: Mrs. McMeeken's 3rd - 6th grade paleontologists really "dug" their fossil Science unit. During Dino Week you could find these students diligently digging for fossils.(Dino Week Digs - Gr 3, Gr 4, Gr 5, Gr 6)

  • Fruit Loops Math: First graders thought it was a real treat to collect data with their Fruit Loops. Take a look by clicking on the link.

  • Fridays with Friends: Friday Friends were at it again! Sticking with the monthly virtue of kindness they listened to a story called “A Friend Like You”, written by Andrea Schomburg and Barbara Rottgen, where two unlikely characters, a squirrel and a bird, found ways they could be friends. Click on the link to hear more about it.

  • Mission Carnival: Thank you! Thank you!  The Mission Carnival was a huge success.  In total $2274 was raised.  This money will be sent to our two Diocesan Missions, our sister parish in Bolivia and to the Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II orphanage.  This money will help support families in need.  Thank you for your generous donations of prizes, soda, baked goods and your time.  Thank you for making a difference in the life of a child.

  • Science Fair: A Science Fair was held with projects from the 7th and 8th graders. We may have some "mad scientists in the making".

  • Renaissance Fair: Students met Theodora, Elizabeth, a samurai, Sundiata, Mansa Musa and more at the Medieval fair.
    Artifacts from Medieval times were on display, guided by seventh grade, expert curators and historians. Following the museum, skits were performed showing scenes from the past. Thank you, seventh grade, for sharing your knowledge of medieval times.

  • Grandparent's Day: Catholic School's Week ended with our Grandparent's Day Mass, entertainment and social. What a great way to end the week celebrating our faith and a great Catholic education.

  • Huey's Hideaway Children's Museum: The littles didn't go roller skating but they had their own fun at the Children's Museum in Medford. Some of them may have found their future career as beautician's, farmers, doctors. Thanks to Home & School and Fischer Transportation for taking the students to and from the museum.

  • BINGO: Students from every grade played Bingo in celebration of Catholic Schools Week. The older students paired up with the littles and everyone had several opportunities to yell "BINGO".

  • Mass with Bishop Callahan: A highlight of Catholic Schools Week is to attend Mass with the Most Reverend Bishop William P. Callahan. We are grateful to Bishop Callahan for making time in his busy schedule to celebrate the Mass with the schools in the Diocese of La Crosse.

  • Roller Skating: A trip to Melody Gardens roller rink is always a school favorite during Catholic Schools Week. Thank you to Home & School and Fischer Transportation, Inc. for providing busing for this great trip.

  • Crazy Hat/Hair Day: Visitors coming in to St. Mary's School may have thought we went a little "crazy" on Monday. Faculty, staff and students were just having a little bit of fun with their crazy hair styles and hats in celebration of Catholic Schools Week.

  • Brains and Brawn: Congratulations to St. Mary's Girls' Brawn Team for bringing home 2nd place medals. All three teams had a great weekend of competition. Congratulations to the Academic Team and the Boys' Brawn Team for never giving up. We are very proud of all of you. We are grateful to the Diocese of La Crosse, coaches, teachers and parents for their support of this wonderful event.

  • Fridays with Friends: There's just something special that happens when Eagles and Eaglets get together. The latest Fridays with Friends book and experiment taught 4K and 2nd grade students about the virtue of "patience". They learned that even though it is difficult to wait, good things come if you have patience. Take a look at the fun art project that helped them to understand what patience is all about.

  • Spelling Bee: Can you spell w-i-n-n-e-r-s?  Congratulations to St. Mary’s top five spellers: Hailey Martin -1st place, Natilee Hummer – 2nd place, Ellie Hummer – 3rd place, Paityn Brickner – 4th place, and Mayven Schneider – 5th place. The top five spellers will participate in the NERR Spelling Bee which will be held at St. Mary’s on Wednesday, January 25th at 4:00 PM.  The alternate waiting on deck will be Jack Blume. Go Eagles!

  • NERR Quiz Bowl: The NERR (North East Rural Region) Quiz Bowl was held at St. John’s School, Edgar.
    Students from St. Anthony’s, School, Athens, St. John’s, Edgar, St. Joseph’s, Stratford, and St. Mary’s, Marathon,
    answered questions testing their knowledge in religion, science, social studies, math and miscellaneous facts.  It was a tight race to the finish with the Academic Team from St. Mary’s School, Marathon, reigning as the 2023 NERR Quiz Bowl Champions.

  • Christmas Program: "His Name is Jesus" - St. Mary's students put on a beautiful Christmas program with the band performing, the choir and students singing and the first - sixth graders performing "His Name is Jesus", helping us to keep "Christ" in Christmas.

  • Winter Snow Fun: The fresh fallen snow may have caused a few power outages but it sure looked beautiful and the students enjoyed making snowmen, forts and tunnels.

  • Fridays with Friends (Oobleck):It was Friday and the 2nd graders and 4K students were at it again. Together they watched a short story explaining the real meaning of Christmas, ending the conversation with “With all the fun and games, and gifts and gatherings, remember to THANK GOD for sending us His Son, Jesus!"  They ended with a little Science fun by making it a solid or a liquid???

  • First Grade Charity: In the spirit of Christmas and our December virtue of CHARITY, the 1st graders gave of their time to help Mr. Salber carry up the Nativity sets from the basement of church. CHARITY comes in many forms. Thank you, 1st Graders for being charitable and helping Mr. Salber.

  • Food Drive: St. Mary’s School held a Thanksgiving Food Drive and donated $2,310.17 in dollars and food items to the Circle of Joy. This was a class competition. In third place, with 284 was our sixth grade. In second place with 497 was fifth grade and the winner of our Generosity Award with 652 was our seventh grade.We are very grateful to John & Lynn Lensmire who made two trips to the Circle of Joy to deliver the food.
  • Fridays with Friends: 4K students joined the second graders for "Fridays with Friends" and discussed the virtue of the month, which is Gratitude. Expressing thanks is one way we grow closer to God.  Mrs. Drexler read the book Thankful, by Eileen Spinelli. Each second grader along, with their 4K friend, thought of things they were thankful for and wrote them on a strip of orange paper.The strips of paper will be turned into pumpkins and used as center pieces for the upcoming Family Thanksgiving meal at St. Marys School.

  • Honor Flight Presentation: Miss Baeseman, 4th grade teacher and organizer of the Walk-a-Thon, presented Never Forgotten Honor Flight Co-Founders, Mike Thompson and Jim Campbell, with a check from the Walk-a-Thon donations.  With the help of our 3rd-6th graders and generous outside donors, we were able to donate a total of $9,237 to the Never Forgotten Honor Flight.
    That is enough to send 18 veterans to Washington DC. Thank you to the generous family, friends and parishioners who supported this worthwhile cause.

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The Marathon School District Foundation supports our local school district by giving scholarships to students, grants for teachers, and holding the “making a difference” program for all the teachers and staff in our school district.  Our mission statement:  "To provide all Marathon students & those dedicated to education with opportunities to achieve continued educational excellence." (Link)

St. Mary’s is a Catholic School in the Diocese of La Crosse following the Diocese curriculum. As a Catholic School we will teach and advocate our Catholic Faith.  All students are welcome in our school, and all parents and legal guardians must understand that Catholic Doctrine will be taught.  The passing on of our Catholic Faith is our number one priority.

St. Mary’s School respects the dignity of each individual and, therefore, will not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, ethnic origin, or gender in regard to enrollment or hiring practices.